An Asset That Can Make or Break Any Business

database of contacts as a major asset to any business

I firmly believe that having a well-organized database of contacts is the cornerstone of success. It’s the key to building and nurturing relationships, fostering brand loyalty, and ultimately driving growth.

However, recent statistics paint a concerning picture: a staggering 93% of businesses lack a database of contacts that can be readily harnessed for effective communication, whether through email marketing or SMS. It’s a figure that underscores the untapped potential within the business landscape.

Just yesterday, I had the privilege of meeting a remarkable gentleman who has run a successful home improvement business for an impressive 35 years.

He approached me to help him to promote a new product to homeowners. However, our first challenge was evident – there was no database of contacts available, as it had never been maintained or created.

Consider the magnitude of a database carefully nurtured for over three decades, or even just ten years. With such a resource at hand, the introduction of his new product to hundreds of families could have been a matter of minutes.

Think about Tesco Clubcard. Why did they introduce it? Surely, it wasn’t just to distribute vouchers. The key lies in their ability to know precisely what we purchase, when we make those purchases, and how much we spend. It’s an ingenious database of contacts.

To initiate the process of building your contact database, all you require is affordable software and a straightforward strategy.

So, I ask you this: Are you actively building your own contact database?

Is your website seamlessly integrated with your CRM system?

Do you engage with your database regularly?

I would love to see your comments…

If you need any help with building your database of contacts just get in touch and we can discuss the possibilities.

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