Changes in The World of Email Marketing

email marketing changes feb 2024

Just a quick update about some important changes in the world of email marketing. This only applies if you are sending emails in bulk.

Gmail and Yahoo Mail, two major email service providers, are implementing new protections to enhance safety and reduce spam in users’ inboxes. As a result, these changes will affect how emails are delivered, regardless of the platform you use.

What Does This Mean for You?

It means you will need to adhere to specific requirements set by Gmail and Yahoo Mail. These requirements are aimed at improving the overall email experience, reducing unwanted messages, and enhancing security.

These new rules will be enforced by Gmail and Yahoo Mail starting in February 2024 and will apply to all bulk senders everywhere.

It comes down to making sure that the following 3 points are in place:

1. Sending emails from an email address with a custom domain.

2. Authenticate your emails with custom DKIM.

3. DMARC helps to make sure the emails you send are really from you.

I will not go into details of these 3 points but your email marketing platform should be able to provide you with instructions on how to implement these changes.