Thank You For Booking The Call

Here is what to do next

STEP #1 – Your Pre-Call Homework

Few points on exactly what to expect during our blueprinting session

WRITE Your Goals & Your Obstacles

One of the first things I’m going to ask for on your initial call with us is:  

1. What do you want your business to look like 12 months from now? (e.g. how many more clients? Revenue targets? New teams?)  

2. What do YOU think is keeping you from reaching those goals?  

So please take 5-10 minutes RIGHT NOW to get a pad and pen and literally WRITE OUT BY HAND your top 3 goals and challenges.

STEP #2 – Here Is What To Expect Next

First – We’ve received your booking and your application and are reviewing it now. We’ll call you at the EXACT time you booked in for on your mobile. If YOU have any questions in the meantime – drop us an email at  

Second – Make sure you are in a quiet room with NO distractions at the time of your call (with something to take notes with).

Third – Leave your wallet at home! I can’t stress this enough, this IS NOT a sales call. We’ll talk through your business, your goals and your marketing and if there is a fit, we can discuss how we may be able to help you…

STEP #3 – Read These Testimonials

Lee Burnham, UK Workbenches

We had previously tried many other companies to assist with our lead generation, they have promised the world and have never delivered. This resulted in us being very sceptical when we were recommended Gordan and Pronto Media. After approximately 3-4 months of us taking the risk, despite our previous experiences, and using Gordans services we have never looked back! We have been overwhelmed by Gordans input into our company and cannot thank him enough for his outstanding work. We can still see improvement every month that we work with him and we cannot recommend him enough. I wish we  had found him sooner!

Raiyaan Khawaja, Churchill Probate

We started our new company and needed a lead generation strategy put in place. Gordan from Pronto Media came recommended through my network and what a great job he did. In his polite and professional manner he provided us with a fantastic website and lead generation strategies. The leads were started coming and we were overjoyed. He still continues to manage all this for us on a monthly basis. This is one exceptional service! Thank you again.

Mike Receli, Home Boost

We have engaged Pronto Media to run several lead generation campaigns and the result was absolutely amazing. We had two teams for installations to start with and now we have eight. All this in four months. Leads were coming daily into our inbox and we can’t thank Gordan enough!