Your Customers Are Our Fish & You Will Need A Bigger Boat 

Pronto Media specialise in ‘cost per lead’ digital marketing. Forget expensive agencies that bamboozle you with confusing ‘advertising’ jargon who expect a long term retainer contract and then sadly under perform giving you a few excuses along the way.

We sell leads your sales team will love, leads that also provide you with an instant ROI.

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In this video Gordan explains how leads can transform your business growth. 


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This Is How We Do It…


This is not going to be a sales call but an opportunity for us to find out about your business and marketing issues you are facing. I will demonstrate how Pronto Media can supply you with constant and exclusive leads that will genuinely help with your business growth.


We will set up campaigns specifically for your business and for the area you operate within. We will then provide you with 10 leads for you to test and get familiar with the whole system. We will keep in touch throughout this initial period making sure that everything goes smoothly.


We value your feedback. After test leads have been delivered, we will have a follow-up meeting to discuss the leads that have been sent to you. Providing you are happy with the quality of our leads, you will order more leads. The more leads you order, the less you will pay for every lead. 

What We Do

In Their Own Words…They Love Us!

Phillipa Salisbury, Sales Director, Altru Page Bespoke Painting Specialists LTD

Well, where do I start! I truly believe without the help of Gordan and his team we wouldn’t be the business we are today.
From setting up, designing and managing our website to generating and delivering exterior and interior respray leads consistently to us to always been a phone call away for any help or advise we need, Gordan without doubt has been and continues to be a huge part of our business and we are eternally grateful to work with him, for all the work he has and continues to do for us and for all the work he has generated for us. 1000% would recommend.

Paul Lafone, Managing Director/Founder, TVS Group

Top service from Gordan and Pronto Media. From creating multiple websites to managing advertising through multiple platforms and generating countless of leads, Pronto Media has become a part of TVS business and we are looking forward to more work together.

Lee Burnham, Managing Director/Founder, UK Workbenches LTD

“We had previously tried many other companies to assist with our rankings on google who have promised the world and have never delivered. This resulted in us being very sceptical when we were recommended Gordan. After approximately 3-4 months of us taking the risk, despite our previous experiences, and using Gordan’s services we have never looked back! We have been overwhelmed by Gordan’s input into our company and cannot thank him enough for his outstanding work.

We can still see improvement every month that we work with him and cannot believe that we had any doubts about him in the first place. I cannot recommend him enough and would say to anybody thinking of working with Gordan that you will certainly not regret it and will wish you had found him sooner!”

Rob Lawson, Managing Director/Founder, Bury Repro Design & Digital Print LTD

“I’d known Gordan for a good number of years before becoming a customer, we’d spoke about the things he could do to help my company, I’ve seen first hand what he has done for some of his other clients and how they’ve grown. Eventually, I took the plunge and finally said yes let’s do it. I regret not doing it a whole load sooner! As well as paying for itself 10 times over, the process has been an enjoyable one too!
It is a team process, we work together on the marketing ideas, it is a constant progression to help develop new leads and convert them. They are open, honest and reliable. Things get done when they are discussed, the process monitored and then improved upon. I’ve dealt with other online marketing experts, it’s always felt like they do what they need to then they move on to the next new client. Pronto Media go on a journey with you that is both fun and profitable. Thank you Gordan!”

Kamlesh Rajput, Managing Director/Founder, Sterling Finance Limited

“We have engaged with Pronto Media and Gordan in order to improve our rankings but also to create a plan and strategies to work further on our online presence. Gordan has been an essential partner and since working together, we have experienced 800% growth within organic search.

If you are looking for a reliable partner with outstanding SEO and paid advertising knowledge then using Gordan’s services will be one of the best investments you will ever do in your business.”

Debbie Bosnjak, Founder, Health Organic

Gordan has helped us launch the business and he gave us some valuable advise at the beggining of our journey. Now we have a brilliant website where we sell all our CBD products. Pronto Media has been a great partner and Gordan’s knowledge has been invaluable for our progress.